Its The Month of THE NIGHTMARE CLUB everyone…. Have a Ghoulish Month and Do not Get too Scared… =)

AN AWKWARD PICK UP (9 Attempts) 


Thanksgiving Video from Wavez Club.

New Wavez Club Video for October & Halloween. Its Called “Bowtie’s Nightmare”


VLOG: Magna Carta Holy Grail   

Happy 4th Of July Everyone.

*THE FIRST PUNK ROCK BAND* As I like to call it, Or You Can Just say they were a ProtoPunk Band with many others. Well definitely the first Black Punk Rock Band.

Their Dream was Cancelled, Overlooked and Unheard for nearly 3 Decades. They can legitimately be called one of the first Punk Rocks Band in History, being that the truth is finally Advertised to the Public. The Three Hackney Brothers from Detroit Michigan, Recorded 7 songs toward a 12 song album, yet was cut short due to the studio not agreeing with their name, DEATH. But Their Story and Music Lives on after a gap of 3 decades those 7 songs got out of the dusty old attic where they were kept safe and floated around to bring you the film, “A Band Called Death”.

Here is the Trailer:


Okay I think I need to create a Upcoming Black Movies List after watching these #BETAwards2013. TOP 5 UPCOMING MUST SEE FILMS Mixed With Drama and Comedy where the leading role is a Black Actor/Actress is…..

Top 5 Black Films: 
1. Fruitvale Station - July 12
2. The Butler - Aug. 16
3. Baggage Claim - Sept. 27th
4. The Best Man 2: Holiday - Nov. 15th
5. Black Nativity - Nov. 27th

Drake Gets Denied

"The Dap" - New VIdeo from WAVEZCLUB